Time Warp: Seinfeld 1989

Watching the bloopers for Seinfeld (what can I say that hasn’t been said? Complete adoration…) provides a peak into the relationships that craft the chemistry of one of the most excellent comedic teams to ever be on-screen. Many golden moments, seeing the patterns of who causes whom to break character, the insanely impressive physical commitment of Michael Richards (always), Elaine’s determination to say one can liquefy a cookie (14:00), Jerry’s midriff (9:50), and I doubt I’m the only one incredibly jealous of the actress who has Jason Alexander jump on her in jest (19:50). If you are short on time I beg you to at least watch the “my little cable boy” bit (9:10). I’m far too fickle with my clothes and makeup to claim my “style icons,” but Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine reminds me of how my Mom would dress when I was growing up, so she holds a special place in my inspiration bank. Currently on the hunt for the perfect 90’s raisin red lipstick!